Eric Bruce

6 April 2017

Professor N. Magliato

Writing for the Sciences

Andre Brown was nice enough to do a restaurant interview with me about his life and career. We sat down at Negril Village in Greenwich Village Andre is a North American Sales Engineer for a company named Avigilon. Avigilon is a security solutions company. They manufacture and sell their own products to the masses as well as the general public. These products include surveillance systems, cameras and video analytics. Personally, Andre designs these products and is considered a specialist in his company. He schedules site visits to observe the layout. He designed the security system for the new New York Giants stadium as well as a few NYPD stations. Because the company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Andre mostly works from home.  On average, he works 3 or 4 days where he either meets with clients or stays home and does paperwork. He likes to leave Fridays for his day off so that he can start his weekend early.

Andre grew up in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica. He graduated high school with honors; afterwards relocating to New York where he attended Devry University for Computer Engineering. He did not finish at Devry because the school wanted him to retake courses that he already took in Jamaica. At this point, Andre had the opportunity to start his own company in Florida so that’s when he decided to move. While in Florida, he worked as an executive for Comcast. Unfortunately, the company did not last. Around this time was the tragic event of 9/11 in New York City. After 9/11, there was an increased demand for security and safety everywhere. This is when Andre decided to switch his focus into security and moved back to New York. He started off as a technician at a security solutions company. He soon left after two years at the company because he felt mistreated. He bounced around a few places, getting higher positions with each change of job. I joked with him that his resume probably is 10 pages long.

In all, Andre has spent 15 years in this business and he says he regrets nothing about his choices. He says his work ethic got him here and he is grateful for it. Within the next 5-10 years, he sees himself as the director of a system integration company because he feels he has seen every level of the industry so naturally the next step for him would be director. The future of the security solutions industry; as Andre tells me, is artificial intelligence and video analytics. Everybody has seen artificial intelligence in movies for years such as I, Robot and many more. Video analytics is where I had to ask questions about. This is a new set of security systems in which allows cameras to detect people and vehicles while simultaneously ignoring other variable such as rain. As Andre puts it, “Video analytics is going to be the Google of security systems”. This is because the controller of this system can list certain descriptions into the security system and find results such as an “old, brunette woman with a black coat”.             This interview was very inspirational for me because I am a computer engineering major and I am trying to focus on cyber security. He promised to tell me the cheat codes at a later time. He has just came back from the ICS (International Security Conference) West Conference in Las Vegas and was doing me a favor by meeting up with me after his flight. However, he proved to me that a god work ethic and a backup plan is all you need. If he loses his job today, he has a marketing company in Florida and a coffee farm in Jamaica to fall back on. He urged me to always have a backup plan because life is unpredictable and anything can happen. Hopefully this conversation can lead to my foot in the door into the industry. Nowadays, it is who you know that will get you where you need to be.


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