Self Assessment

The semester was full of major rhetorical and writing skills that have bolstered my writing skills further as a college student but also has affected the way I speak on a day-to-day basis. It is not only good enough to put words on a paper but to make those words meaningful, concise, and clear. To think that in the movie ‘Arrival’, humans taught the alien squid species English from scratch in order to communicate their purpose on Earth. Over time, they learned each other’s language and came to an understanding. Communication; specifically language, is the most important things to humans. It is what sets us apart from the animals surrounding us. Therefore, it is important that we do find a common ground to which we can understand each other.

Peer review has immensely aided in the writing process for me as I saw mistakes in my writing habits that I have not noticed before. A second set of eyes can really change your perception. Specifically it brought to my attention the fact that I have a tendency to go off on a tangent throughout my introductions and conclusions. Somewhere along the way I go off topic and my point begins to become unclear. That evaluation by my peer has helped me and though I still tend to go on a tangent, I am more aware of it when revising my essays.

When I write I expect that my audience knows exactly what I am talking about and that there shouldn’t be a discussion to begin with in the first place. Realistically, I am aware that this is almost never the case so I must assume that no one knows what I am talking about and my writing should reflect that. I acknowledge that; in order to meet my goals of being meaningful, concise and clear, I must attend to my audience.

Though writing processes among different people will vary, the content to which we have collaborative talks should be similar. In order to have such collaborative work, one must know the facts. Once everyone knows the facts, then we can begin the process. For example, throughout the semester in this course, each student was assigned a prompt or reading to which they must follow with a 250 word response. Whether it was a comment on the piece itself or a comment on another student’s work, it was a way to exchange ideas.

I learned the specific differences between an Informative Essay and an Argumentative Essay, the objectivity, where to input bias. Learning what genre you are writing helps dictate the mood you set, the organization of your thoughts and many more aspects of your writing. The worst thing for me is to write about a topic that I care little to nothing about and having to write with excitement and diction. It is important to take a stance in your writing to determine where you are coming from and also give the audience a basis as to not only why we are writing this but how do we as the writer feel. This is not always the case when writing things such as obituaries but it is very rare to find writing without bias.

I haven’t used a library resource in quite some time; especially since I learned of online databases. PDFs are a lot more informative in college. Finding a credible source the deeper you get into college becomes more difficult because everybody has an opinion and a fan base to which they can push all their rhetoric to the public. Whether the information is credible is to be decided by delving deeper and doing more research.


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