Summary and Response

Eric Bruce

23 February 2016

Professor N. Magliato

Writing for the Sciences

The survey was an interesting look into backgrounds and their effect on how one dates. 228 participants answered these questions as honestly as possible and it led to some interesting findings. As the survey reports, the majority of the participants were Hispanic from New York that were active on social media but not on dating apps. These participants were not pressured by their parents to date inside their respective religions or ethnicities. They are currently dating or have previously dated people outside of their ethnicity or religion. A broad span of peoples participated which gave great diverse results concerning religion and ethnicity. Age and gender were withdrawn from the survey to provide an overall consensus of how dating is in society as of now.

I was not expecting such a turnaround for my survey but it was very eye opening to see how people responded to it. My original prediction was that if the participants were not biased to the idea of dating outside of what they knew, then their parents would be biased to the idea. Although we do not admit it, our parents play a major factor in who we date. We tend to seek our parents’ approval when it comes to our significant other. So if our parents do not want us dating outside of our religion or ethnicity then we tend bring someone that shares our ethnicity or religion. It is refreshing to know that the biases that we experience in our daily life doesn’t affect our dating habits as well. People are opening their minds from the previous generations. This growth will hopefully be the catalyst that will allow people to realize that there are no differences between us as people, just our origin story.


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