Survey Report

Eric Bruce

Survey Report: How Ethnic and Religious Backgrounds Affect Our Dating Habits?


The aim of this report is to discover dating habits of 228 participants based on their ethnic and religious backgrounds. This report looks to record the dating habits of these individuals. The factors being accounted for include ethnicity, active on social media, current dating habits, and whether or not they are religious or listen to their parents input concerning their dating habits. The selection process was completely random which is why gender and age has been left out as  questions on this survey.  The results will be posted below as we further discuss dating habit trends.


Increased use of the Internet has changed dating habits immensely. It is easier to use social media and dating apps to find significant others for the night than for a lifetime. The article by Nancy Jo Sales depicts a cavalier approach to dating where people can find each other on Tindr and other dating apps, hook up for 10 minutes or less, then go about their respective lives as if nothing happened. This approach to dating has plagued the technology age as dates have been replaced with private messages on popular social media outlets.

However, this report focuses on ethnic and religious backgrounds as it relates to the dating habits of people today parallel to dating app and social media outlet participation amongst these same individuals. The importance of ethnic and religious backgrounds when it comes to mating is very important, sometimes more important than physical appearance. Jared Diamond in How We Pick Our Mates and Sex Partners, “If you measure enough things about enough couples, here is what you will find. Not surprisingly…. most husbands and wives prove to be of the same religion, ethnic background and so on”. This report takes that concern of ethnic and religious background into consideration.


The data was obtained through several mediums including Facebook, mass email, and text messaging. It is an online survey that 228 participants partook in within the course of one night. The beginning questions involve personal background information such as ethnicity, religion, and place of residence. Following is the questions involving dating preferences for the individuals and their parents in regards to ethnicity and race. If the participant has not dated outside of their religion or ethnicity then the following questions was asked as to would they date outside of their ethnicity or religion. The options to answer those questions were purposely left at a strict yes or no response. Offering a ‘maybe’ option would give an escape from answering the questions truthfully.  The question is also put forth to whether or not they use social media and dating apps in their social life and how effective it has been in finding a significant other.


The results have shown that out of the 228 participants, the majority of the participants are not affected by ethnicity or religion in their search for a significant other. Those who did not date outside of their ethnic or religious background were still willing to do so. The religious sentimentality was split three ways between yes, no, and maybe. The majority of participants were Hispanic and the second most represented ethnicity were Asian/Pacific Islander.

A whopping 97.4% of participants use social media and out of that percentage, 66 participants find that social media has not been helpful in their dating life.


The results show that Diamond’s research on the importance of ethnic and religious backgrounds does not affect most participants of this survey. However, this survey might reflect the curent dating climate in which people are not looking for long term relationships but rather casual flings. But for this survey, Diamond’s research proves false as participants have dated or are willing to date outside of their ethnicity or religion. The parents view on their children’s dating habits are closer to halfway as some do want their kids to date within their ethnicity and religion but the majority does not care either way.

Statistically, Hispanic people from New York who are active on social media do not participate on dating apps and openly date from numerous different ethnicities and religions. No restrictions are implemented from the statistics gathered.


The data states that there is no restriction when it comes to dating habits concerning ethnicity or race. Although Diamond states that ethnicity and religion are two of the most important factors in finding a mate, the survey shows no bias to these two factors. In fact, the survey shows that the participants have no restriction and openly date within or outside of their backgrounds because they have, by majority, no issue in finding someone within their ethnic or religion backgrounds. Results were consistent throughout the survey responses which entails that participants shared the same sentiments regarding background: it is not important.


Ethnicity Percentage 
White 12.9
Hispanic or Latino 43.8
Black or African American 13.8
Native American or American Indian
Asian/Pacific Islander 26.3
Other 3.2


Do you feel religious? Percentage
Yes 34.4
No 33.5
Maybe 32.2
  Dated outside of their religion If no, would you?
Yes 55.9 86.4
No 44.1 13.6
  Dated outside ethnicity or race If no, would you? Do your parents encourage you to date within your ethnicity or race?
Yes 66.1 95.5 44.9
No 33.9 4.5 55.1
  Use social media If yes, have they been helpful in your dating life
Yes  97.4 10.1 (23)
No 2.6 28.9 (66)


  Use online dating apps If no, would you? If yes, How helpful has online dating apps been in the search for a partner?
Yes 19.7 31.4 4.9 (4.9)
No 80.3 68.6 70.9 (144)

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