Self Assessment

The semester was full of major rhetorical and writing skills that have bolstered my writing skills further as a college student but also has affected the way I speak on a day-to-day basis. It is not only good enough to put words on a paper but to make those words meaningful, concise, and clear. To … Continue reading Self Assessment


Argumentative Essay

The distribution of music has changed from word of mouth to the apps that we now call Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. As music stores begin to close at a drastic rate the demand for music has remained constant. The music stores have been replaced by phone apps as our source for infinite amount of … Continue reading Argumentative Essay


Eric Bruce 6 April 2017 Professor N. Magliato Writing for the Sciences Andre Brown was nice enough to do a restaurant interview with me about his life and career. We sat down at Negril Village in Greenwich Village Andre is a North American Sales Engineer for a company named Avigilon. Avigilon is a security solutions … Continue reading Profile

Survey Report

Eric Bruce Survey Report: How Ethnic and Religious Backgrounds Affect Our Dating Habits? Abstract The aim of this report is to discover dating habits of 228 participants based on their ethnic and religious backgrounds. This report looks to record the dating habits of these individuals. The factors being accounted for include ethnicity, active on social … Continue reading Survey Report

Peer Reviews

Peer Review About My Report: I loved your topic. I did get the general concept behind it because I am a big smartphone user.   I thought you remained neutral throughout the entire piece. In the third paragraph when you talked about the EEG fingertip stimulators for smartphone and non-smartphone users, it would’ve been nice to … Continue reading Peer Reviews